Welcome to the World of Karrmyce


Karrmyce (Car·Mike) is a DJ and Producer who has a unique style that can go from groovy, chill to feel good hip-hop.  He doesn’t follow trends or what’s “hot”.  Why play one specific genre when you can blend them all and create your own unique style.  Plus you may actually hear a few instruments with his music style and not just auto tune.  He's either in the studio recording artists or dj'ing at venues around Florida.  Either way he's loving and enjoying what he does .


Karrmyce got his first taste of the dj scene when he was in the military in Sigonella, Italy.  He was a dj on base and found a new love.   Although he liked dj’ing he discovered a passion for making music.  He is now attending St Petersburg College for music production to further his education about the music industry and polish his skills.  He loves entertaining and networking with like-minded individuals and being around positive energy.


He performs at events like protest parties, block parties, weddings, divorce receptions or just because you want to have a PARTY!!!




Michael Cummings | South Pasadena, Fl | (407) 913-6453


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